Should you Visit a Dentist?

Your oral health is essential, whether you are 8 or 80. Did you know? Every year, even though good oral hygiene and routine oral check-ups could avoid almost all oral disease and improve your health, 50% of Americans still fail to visit a dentist.  


Here are some signs that you must see a dentist: 

Severe Tooth Pain 

You must head directly to the office of the dentist if you are suffering from severe tooth pain. It can be something simple like a sensitive tooth, where a meek alteration in your everyday routine can treat the pain. Or, it might be an exposed root surface, a loose filling, or tooth decay if you have sensitivity to cold or hot liquid and foods. All of these are simply to fix and aren’t chronic conditions. Another reason for tooth pain can be a more severe problem of periodontal illness. Do not wait for the discomfort to grow, immediately visit your dentist.  

Jaw Pain 

It could be really uncomfortable to have a jaw pain. There are a lot of causes for this. This includes osteomyelitis, oral conditions including cavities and gum disease, abscessed tooth, teeth grinding, and impacted wisdom teeth. Also, TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) could cause serious jaw pain, often so serious that the jaw could become stuck in a closed or open position permanently. Only an expert dentist could help you identify the cause of the issue and an answer to fix the issue.  

Bleeding, Inflamed, or Swollen Gums 

A gum that is swollen is a well-known issue and could have a lot of various causes. Typically, they are caused by plaque that’s hardened that has gathered under the gum line. Usually, this is the result of improper oral hygiene, where the bacteria in the mouth create plaque on your teeth. Bleeding or inflamed gums could sometimes be a sign of gum disease, periodontitis, or gingivitis that could lead to tooth loss if not cured immediately. You must visit your dentist if you have bleeding, inflamed, or swollen gums for more than 1 week. 

Chronic Bad Breath 

It could be embarrassing for everyone to have a bad breath. There’s a difference between chronic bad breath that could be a more severe problem and occasional bad breath that’s caused by a lot of garlic bread pieces. Chronic bad breath can be a result of conditions like periodontal disease and gingivitis, bacteria living in pockets or cavities in your gums, or tooth decay. Several infections, illnesses, or viruses might also cause this type of problem. Even particular drugs could lead to chronic bad breath. You would need to see a dentist if bad breath lasts more than 1 week. This is because mouthwash and gum would only temporarily cover the problem.  

Visiting a dentist has a lot of benefits for you, your oral health, and overall health. You should not worry if the dentist has to remove one or more teeth, you could always avail dentures st catharines to make you smile again.  

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4 Different Types of Tow Trucks and their Purposes 

Towing trucks are really helpful when it comes to rescuing malfunctioned vehicles. You can also see those hauling illegally parked vehicles and those vehicles that are involved in an accident. Tow trucks are everywhere, and the world is different without them. A towing company like offers different towing services. They don’t have a single truck, they have many types and each of them serves different purposes. The following are the three main types of tow truck and their functions.

Tow Trucks

Choosing a Tow Truck 

When you choose a tow truck for towing your vehicle, assess your car’s condition first. The hook and chain tow truck might be cheap but it will cause damages to the vehicle. Towing companies will recommend you the flatbed tow truck instead because the vehicle can be easily transported with no damage.  

If you’re towing a rig or bus, a specialized tow truck is needed. If you’re transport a wrecked vehicle, that’s when you can hire the hook and chain. Each truck has different purpose so make sure you choose the best option and listen to what the company recommends you.  

Flatbed Tow Truck  

This tow truck is also called the “slide”. Most of towing companies purchase this truck because it can easily haul vehicles and other load. They are also referred as the “rollback” trucks. This truck has a flat op and a long empty truck bed. What makes the flat move up and down is the truck’s hydraulic system. The reason why this is a common tow truck is that the driver can easily drive the towed vehicle into the ramp. It doesn’t involve dragging the vehicle, so this is best for those vehicles that just malfunctioned and not damaged.  

Hook and Chain Tow Truck 

The hook and chain tow truck was popular before. This is way before the flatbed was manufactured in the market. The vehicle is going to be towed with its two wheels on the ground. The reason why this is not super used now is that it damaged the vehicles because of the constant dragging. Other parts of vehicle are damaged because of the chain. If you don’t have a damaged vehicle, don’t use this tow truck. This is only best for junk cars and vehicles involved in accidents.  

Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks 

This tow truck has similarities with the hook and chain tow truck. The difference is that the damage it causes is lesser compare to the hook and chain. This truck uses a metal yoke instead of a chain, so the damage is not super bad, but there is still damage. While the car is towed, the hydraulic lift will suspend the vehicle’s front side and lift it from the ground.  

Integrated Tow Trucks 

This truck is specialized tow truck used for heavy-duty purposes. They are commonly used to transport huge and heavy vehicles like buses and rigs. It comes with extra axles for added strength and stability. You can find it arm on the truck’s core. They are not usually used in regular towing services. 

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