2 Ways to Easily Remove Tree Stump

The big reason why the tree removal should be done by professionals is that it’s laborious and at the same time laborious. Doing the DIY way is tricky, since you need to have the proper equipment and tools and past experience to successfully do it. Unlike Kansas City tree trimming, tree removal couldn’t be accomplished alone using the inadequate tools.  

Tree Stump

After removing the tree, you still have to deal with the stump. The stump is firmly rooted to the ground, and as much as possible you need to remove it in a cost-effective way. There are stump removers available in the market, but they cost too much for a one-time use. So we decided to share with you the cost-effective ways to remove the stump.  

Chemical Method 

One of the easiest methods of removing the stump is through using chemicals. If you don’t have much time or you lack the necessary tools, you can hasten the natural process of removing the stump. In this method, you don’t have to lift a heavy tool. This process might take you a lot, but at least it’s not that labor intensive. Before you start the process though, make sure that stump is cut close to the ground as much as possible. You can do this by using a chainsaw or just ask someone to do it.  

Get a drill and drill some holes in the stump. Fill it with nitrogen and water to fasten the process. Soak the ground; get a tarp to cover the stump so the moisture will stay around it. Repeat the process if you want to speed things up. You can add more nitrogen source and soak the stump.  

Another chemical method is using the “Stump-Out” product that fastens the speed. It breaks down the wood’s fibers and leaves the stump porous. Once you soak the stump with kerosene, it will burn. This is the cheapest way to remove a stump, and if using kerosene is okay for you then do this.  

Manual Method 

One of the manual things you can do is using a grinder to remove the stump. But if you don’t have one, use mattock, shovel and ax instead. You can also use a steel bar for chopping, and a saw for cutting. Most people prefer the manual method because they don’t like to use chemicals like nitrogen source and kerosene. Before you do this process, use steel-toed boots and gloves.  

Dig around the stump using a mattock. Shove out the dirt you loosened. Dig more if the stump is too big. Chop the roots using the other end of the mattock. Dig again until you reach the taproot, and use an ax to cut that part. Make sure that the area you’re working on is clear of people and pets to avoid injuries and such. Be prepared too because the manual approach will involve a lot of chopping, sawing and digging. Not to mention the dirt you’re going to encounter. This is a slow process, but chemical-free.  

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