How to Keep Organized at Work

Many people do not know how to organize. And, while some people think they can succeed despite disorganization, this chaos can often end up costing a very high price. As a matter of fact, people can be held back from being promoted at work if they do not know how to organize. It can also add stress to our lives, block our creativity, as well as prevent us from becoming effective and productive as we could be. Organizing your things can also be challenging when you have just moved out. So hiring a professional move out cleaning Bend Oregon service is recommended.

How to Keep Organized at Work

In this blog, you will be able to learn different strategies on how to organize your work and your time, so you can start working and living to the fullest.

Organizing Best Practices

Use Notebooks or Notepads

One strategy that most organized people follow is to do their tasks using a notepad or notebook. In your notebook, you can record your thoughts, creative ideas, and list all the things you have to do the entire day in a categorical and detailed manner.

For instance, you can also use your notebook to jot down notes when you are talking with a client, colleague, or with someone else on the phone. If you are working but have a very important thought that needed to be told to your boss, you can write it down in your notebook to make sure that you will not forget it. If you have a meeting or brainstorming session in the office, your ideas can be kept there too.

The advantage of having a notebook is that it can be your buddy wherein you can keep all of your conversations, thoughts, and creative ideas in one place. In addition to that, once important things are written down in your notebook, you do not have to waste your mental energy trying to remembering everything. It is very helpful to always start a dated page for each day. In that way, you can go back and search for the information you need much easier.

Make Your First 15 Minutes of the Day Organized

When you walk into your office in the morning, try spending your first fifteen minutes looking or thinking of the things that you are going to do or tasks that need to be finished that day. Start making a to-do list and begin by writing the most important things that you should prioritize during the day. In that way, you can be reminded easily of the things that have to be completed first in the morning, and what tasks are not too much of a priority and can be completed in the afternoon. It is also best that you put the time on each task that you write on your to-do list.

Clear Your Desktop

Oftentimes, your desktop can become your catch-all zone. There are future projects, old papers, as well as files that you are currently using. Even though some people think they can work better with a chaotic desk, it is inhibiting and distracting for many of us.

If you really want to know how to organize, then cleaning your desktop is the best start. This task can be time-consuming, so it might be ideal to work on this during the weekend or at the end of your shift. It is important that you do this slowly, most especially if you have an extremely cluttered desk. You do not want to lose important files after all.

You can start by clearing all your stuffs off of your desktop. You can also file reports and papers that you have finished using. You can also recycle the things that you do not need anymore. All office supplies should be placed in a cabinet or drawer. The items left are probably paperwork and files that you currently need so you can place them above your desk or elsewhere near you that you can easily reach. It’s important that you organize the files that you need in that day to avoid stress. You do not want to be blamed for a misplaced paper.

Organize Files or Office Supplies That You Always Use 

The more frequent you use your stuffs, the closer it should be within your reach. Bear in mind that you should arrange your desktop not just for its looks, but most importantly for its usefulness. To keep your desk organized, try spending at least 5 minutes a day and clear off everything that you do not need anymore. It is best done at the end of your work. In that way, you will be able to have a clean and organized surface the next day. This is a good help in boosting your productivity.




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